Shattemuc Yacht Club Receives Federal Boating Infrastructure Grant and Begins Construction of State-of-the-Art Transient Slips and Marina Expansion

The club will create deep water slips for boaters visiting the Ossining area, replace its dilapidated barges with a high-tech wave attenuation system and provide deep water slips for its members.

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October 12, 2016 Ossining, N.Y.– Shattemuc Yacht Club, founded in 1888, announces that it has finalized a Boating Infrastructure Grant awarded by the United States Fish & Wildlife Service and begun the first phase of construction for a series of deep water marina upgrades. Working in conjunction with local, state and federal officials, the Club developed a two phase program which will add 48 transient slips and moorings in phase 1. Phase 2, will add 18 deep water slips for the Club’s use. The transient facilities will accommodate boats up to 60 feet with drafts of up to 7.5 feet at low water.  Work will be completed in time for the start of the 2017 boating season.

David Westcott, Commodore of Shattemuc stated; “Through the Federal Boating Infrastructure Grant programs we were awarded a $593,501 grant to support Phase 1 of our project to expand and modernize our facility to provide a place where transient boats can safely dock for an extended period of time and to promote recreational boating on the Hudson River”

Westcott added, “The real key was getting our members to support the project with their time and money. It took us almost 4 ½ years from the time we created the concept to when we finalized the grant. We were also required to match the grant with club provided funding.“

Shattemuc could have built a more traditional breakwater and dock system, but chose to move into the future.

“Instead of installing a traditional, wall of pressure-treated pilings and bulk heading,” said, Vice Commodore, Pat Yost, who initiated the project, “we chose to install a state of the art and environmentally-friendly wave-attenuating system. This system, originally designed in Finland, is used extensively in Europe and was recently installed at the One°Fifteen Brooklyn Marina on the East River. The system is based on a series of massive floating concrete docks which break up waves, providing a calm marina for transient boats, while allowing for the free passage of fish and other marine life, and clear sightlines to the Palisades across the river.”

Village of Ossining Mayor Victoria Gearity commented, “We are very excited about the opportunity to welcome more boaters to Ossining’s glorious waterfront. Kudos to the leaders at Shattemuc for their dedication and vision to lead this effort”

About Shattemuc Yacht Club:

Established in 1888, Shattemuc Yacht Club is the oldest yacht club on the Hudson River.   Situated in Ossining, New York, SYC is a private club with over 235 members. SYC offers boating, sailing, kayaking, a sailing academy, an Olympic style pool, a beach and clubhouse with a veranda overlooking the Hudson.   Members of Shattemuc are community minded and will host a number of community events such as art shows, lectures and charity fund raisers at the club along with free sails offered by Ferry Sloops.

For more information, please contact – Pat Yost, Vice Commodore, SYC – (917) 414-0787

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