Hudson River at Tappan Zee Bridge Temporarily closed to navigation May 7-9, 2018

Here is statement issued MAY 4 by Tappan Zee Bridge Constructors:

To accommodate the lowering operations, the Hudson River’s main navigation channel will be temporarily closed. Times and dates of the closures are subject to change and will appear in the U.S. Coast Guard’s weekly Notice to Mariners; on the project’s Twitter feed (@NewNYBridge); and broadcast on Marine Radio Channel 22A. Tappan Zee Constructors can be contacted via Marine Radio Channel 16 for assistance. More boater safety information can be found at All mariners are strongly encouraged to avoid the area during the lowering of the suspended span as the navigation channel will be temporarily closed and equipment will be staged on either side of the closure area. The seasonal update to the Boater Safety information sheet is live on the New NY Bridge website and may be shared

Previous statements regarding Tappan Zee Bridge demolition

The 532-foot main span of the Tappan Zee Bridge is planned to be lowered Monday, May 7 through Wednesday, May 9, which will require closure of the navigation channel for a period of time up to 48 hours.Old Tappan Zee Bridge demolition work, spud barges/docks, cranes, and heavy traffic in the Regulated Navigation Areas and large, central Prohibited Area preclude boaters from passing through north or south anywhere else. We need your support to help get the word out to boaters to plan accordingly.

Closure of all river traffic will start at 3:00pm on May 7. By 5:00am May 8 the overnight lowering of the span is expected to be completed, and will be removed to the work area south of the bridge where it will be dismantled over the next 6 weeks.

However, again, the lowering could take up to 48 hours. Weather is certainly a wild card. A link to the draft timeline from Capt. Ian Corcorcan of the Hudson River Pilots is given below – be advised this is subject to change and was a working document shared at the recent with the Hudson River Navigation Safety and Operations Steering Committee meeting.

Recreational boat traffic is expected to be light this time of the week, but it is a heavy transient boater time of year as snowbirds head north. Let’s have the welcome mat open if anyone has to overnight. I’ve also asked about the potential of recreational vessels anchoring nearby and will advise. I welcome your comments.
Authorities are asking that recreational vessels also stay far clear of the bridge during this time and ask not to sight-see. Most of the operation will be at night, which for most boaters isn’t common and can be challenging – especially with the lights ashore and lots of work boats on water. Law enforcement will be present. I expect to pass further updates from USCG and new Tappan Zee Bridge team to you as they come. I believe the next weekly USCG Local Notice to Mariners will provide additional detail. For the moment this is the best place for more information:
Thanks and please help us get the word out!
-Scott Croft
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