Officers, Directors and Committees

Board of Directors

Commodore: David Westcott Fleet Captain: Marshal Montenegro
Vice Commodore: Patrick Yost Treasurer: George Bollenbacher
Rear Commodore: Robert Benjamin Secretary: Peter Oden
2016-2017 2017-2018 Past Commodores
Sandra Lowe vacant Bill Goldsmith
Mick McGuire Richard Burke Coulter Young
Mary Patrzalek Margaret Staruch Sandra Mace


Cruising: Vacant Historian: Sandy Mace
House: Rob Lowe, Jake Towers Clubhouse rental Margaret Staruch
Interclub Liaison Margaret Staruch, Coulter Young (HRBYCA) Landscaping Mary Patrzalek
Long Range Planning Patrick Yost Marketing/Publicity Vacant
Masthead Richard Wojtyna, Peter Oden Membership Peter H. Oden
Pool Jack Mace, Sandra Lowe Racing/Regatta Bob Millstein
Sailing Academy Amy Goldsmith Ship’s Store Kathleen May, Mary McTigue
Social Events Jennifer Montenegro  Webmasters  Peter Oden, Mark Yashinsky


Dockmaster “De” DeSousa
Asst. Dockmaster Bruno Breves
Accountant Michael Rotindo

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