Upper Dock was originally built at the foot of Broadway and used by farmers to load produce bound for New York City. It was used by Capt. Isaac Smith in the 1850s as a shipyard and by S C Collyer, a boat builder, in the 1860s. It was later widened, as shown above. The Club's office building now stands at this location.

The south finger pier was operated by Peter Smith, who rented boats to the public in the 1880s. Franklin Brandreth kept his steam yacht Camilla under a shed on the north piers. Shattemuc Canoe Club moved from their lodge at Wheelers Dock to Camilla Dock in 1886. Sing Sing Boat Club used Camilla dock for their meeting place in 1887. The Boat Club incorporated in 1888, and changed its name to the Sing Sing Yacht Club. The Club moved to a new clubhouse built by Ralph Brandreth on his property in 1889, shown above to the right.

Drawn by WGS 2002