Elected Officers & Members

of the

Shattemuc Canoe Club


Active before 1879, local canoeists organized the Shattemuc Canoe Club on June 20 or 28, 1884.
The Canoe Club became inactive after about 1888, when the Sing Sing Yacht Club formed,
but reorganized on July 23, 1896.
The Shattemuc Canoe Club merged with the Sing Sing Yacht Club on April 1, 1902 to become the
Shattemuc Yacht and Canoe Club of Ossining


J. Herbert Carpenter (1884)
Rev. N. R. Everts  (Jan - June 1886)
Col. Franklin Brandreth  (June 1886 - 88)
William M Carpenter (1896)


William M Carpenter (1884-86)
Charles Hilbert (1887)
Frederick M. Fisher (1888)
William E Barlow (1896)

Thomas J Hand Jr. (1884)
J. Herbert Carpenter (1886)
Harry M Carpenter (1888, 1896)


F D Arthur

William E Barlow

J Curry Barlow

E J Becker

Col. Franklin Brandreth

Gen. Ralph Brandreth.

C B Carpenter

Harry M Carpenter

J Herbert Carpenter

William M Carpenter

Rev. N R Everts

Byron E French



Philip H Fleck

Frederick M Fisher

Roger M Haddock

J K Hand

Thomas J Hand Jr.


Charles Hilbert

Francis Larkin Jr.

Rev. Wilson S Phraner

George Fisher Secor,

George P Watts Jr.