Certificate of Incorporation



We, the undersigned, citizens of the State of New York, of full age, being desirous to associate ourselves for the purpose of forming a yacht club do hereby pursuant to the statue in such cases made and provided, certify that the name by which the society or incorporation hereby to be formed shall be known in law, is the “SING SING YACHT CLUB”

THAT the object and purpose of the said club shall be to encourage yachting and all other aquatic sports, yacht building and the cultivation of naval science and promote the social, physical and moral condition of its members.

THAT the trustees are nine in number

THAT the names of the trustees for the first year of the existence of this club are as follows, viz: Ralph Brandreth, Edward B Sherwood, S Olin Washburn, Edwin T James, Joseph Thompson, B Stuyvesant Gibson, Francis Larkin Jr., Charles Schade, Isaac B Noxon, and that the location of the club is in the Village of Sing Sing, Westchester County, New York.

Dated Sing Sing, December 7th, 1888                                                                 


On this 7th day of December, 1888, before me came the above named Edward B Sherwood, S Olin Washburn, B Stuyvesant Gibson, Edwin T James, Charles Schade, Joseph Thompson, Francis Larkin Jr., William Washburn, William Kipp, William Henry Rowe, Isaac B Noxon to me severally known to be the persons described in and who executed the above instrument and severally acknowledged the execution thereof.


I approve of the form and sufficiency of the within certificate and consent that the same be filed in the proper office.

Dated December 12th, 1888

signed C. F. Brown
Justice Supreme Court

Certificate of Incorporation of the "Sing Sing Yacht Club."

State of New York
Office of Secretary of State
Filed and Recorded Dec. 18, 1888
signed Diedrich Willers
Deputy Secretary of State