1909   BY-LAWS


Section 1. The twelve regular meetings required by the Constitution shall be as follows:   

The annual meeting shall be held on the first Friday of March, and the regular meetings on the first Friday of each month thereafter, at 8:30 pm, except on holidays, when they shall be held on the following Friday evening.

All meetings shall be held at the Club House.

Section 2.  Order of Business:

   1.  Roll call.
   2.  Minutes of previous meeting.
   3   Reports of standing committees.
   4.  Reports of special committees.
   5.  Bills and communications.
   6.  Report of Treasurer.
   7.  Unfinished business.
   8.  New business.
   9.  Elections.
 10.  General remarks.
 11.  Adjournment.



Section 1.  The initiation fee shall be ten ($10) dollars, except in the case of a member whose resignation has been accepted and who applies for re-election.

If said sum is not paid within thirty days from the date of election, the Treasurer shall notify the Secretary of the fact, and such election shall be null and void.

Each subsequent annual payment shall be twenty-five ($25) dollars, payable quarterly in advance, and shall become payable from date of admission, pro rata.  

Section 2. On the first of each quarter the Treasurer shall mail to each member a statement of his account.  Thirty days thereafter he shall mail a second statement to those members whose dues remain unpaid.  At the second regular meeting thereafter the names of such members as have not paid their dues for the current quarter shall be read by the Treasurer and they shall be considered as having forfeited their membership, and their names shall be stricken from the list of members.

Section 3. No member shall be entitled to any of the privileges of the Club while his dues and House accounts are in arrears and remain unpaid.



Notices of all regular and special meetings shall be sent by the Secretary to each and every member at least forty-eight hours before said meeting.
Note – Article XII  Constitution
Note – Chapter XI  By-Laws



Section 1.  Each yacht shall have a distinguishing signal flag.

Section 2. Yachts while sailing in squadron shall display their private signal; while sailing alone or when at anchor, the Club signal.

Section 3. The distinguishing signal of the Club shall be a pointed flag; the device, a red five-pointed star, in the center of a white pointed ground, five-twelfths the length of the flag.  All on a red field.

Section 4. The Commodore shall display a broad pennant with a foul anchor encircled by thirteen five-pointed stars, in white on a blue field; the Vice-Commodore a broad pennant with a similar device, on a red field; the Rear Commodore a broad pennant with a similar device, in red on a white field. The Fleet Captain’s flag shall be a broad pennant with a blue foul anchor on a white field.

Section 5.  The distinguishing signal of the Canoeing Division shall be a burgee, eighteen by twenty inches, blue field with one and one-half inches white border, or in that proportion. The Totem shall be a Crab.




Section 1. The Commodore shall appoint each year a Fleet Captain, who shall act as Aide to assist him in his duties on all cruises of the Club.  He shall hold office during the pleasure of the appointer.  He need not be a yacht owner.

Section 2. The Commodore shall appoint each year a Fleet Surgeon whose duty it shall be to accompany the Fleet on all cruises.  He shall hold office during the pleasure of the appointer.




Section 1. It shall be the duty of the Regatta Committee to make arrangements for, act as judges in, and take charge of all races sailed by or under

direction of the Club; they shall have power to decide all questions that may arise in the sailing of such races; to exclude all yachts which, by their decision, have violated any rule of the Club, and to postpone any race, should unfavorable weather render such a course desirable. There shall be no appeal from the decision of this committee. It shall further be the duty of the Regatta Committee to see that no boat is entered in any race unless said boat is properly registered, and even if so registered, no yacht of this Club can enter any race of this Club, or any other club, as coming from this Club, except through the Regatta Committee, and their decision as to the entry shall be final.  The Secretary of this Club shall not enter any yacht of this Club in any race of this Club or any other club until the question of entry has been passed upon by the Regatta Committee.

Section 2. It shall further be the duty of the Regatta Committee to arrange for a cruise of the squadron at least once during each season.  They shall also have charge of all Club entertainments held outside of the Club House.



Section 1. In each season there may be held under the direction of the Club the following events:
       First- A Spring Regatta in June
       Second- A Fall Regatta in September

Section 2. On all cruises of the Club the squadron shall be under the orders of the Commodore, and no yacht shall be allowed to proceed or absent itself from the fleet without the consent of the officer in charge.

Section 3. Entries for all Club or open regattas must be made to the Regatta Committee in accordance with such rules and regulations as they may order, subject the approval of the Club.

Section 4. No boat enrolled in the fleet of this organization shall be entered in any race or regatta, except under the official measurement of the Club as approved by the Regatta Committee. Any member violating this regulation shall be liable to suspension or expulsion, as shall be decided by a two-thirds vote of all members present at a regular meeting of the organization.

Section 5. The course of the Club shall be triangular one and shall be fixed by the Regatta Committee.



Section 1.  It shall be the duty of the House Committee to have a general supervision of the Club House and the property contained therein. They shall have the power to prescribe such rules and regulations as they may deem necessary for the proper government of the Club House and property, the same to be presented to the Club for approval; and it shall be their duty to enforce such rules.

Section 2.  They shall have the power in case of emergency to expend the necessary money to protect the Club property. They shall regulate prices and make necessary purchases.

Section 3. It shall further be the duty of the House Committee to have charge of all entertainments held in the Club House and they shall act as an entertainment committee on such occasions.



The yachting season shall be limited to the period between the thirtieth day of May and first day of November in each year.



Resignations must be forwarded to the Secretary in writing and be presented by him at the next stated meeting of the Club. No resignation will be accepted until the member is clear from all indebtedness to the Club.



Section 1  These By-Laws may be amended at any meeting, but no amendment passed at any regular or special meeting shall be valid until approved at a subsequent meeting, and any amendment must be submitted at one regular meeting, and after being adopted thereat must be kept posted until the next meeting on the Bulletin Board in the Club House by the Secretary.

Section 2. The proposed amendment shall be stated in the call for the meeting.

Section 3. These By-Laws shall not be suspended without the unanimous consent of the members present.

  Ref: Club booklet printed in 1909