RULE I.  The Club house will be open at 9 am and will close at 3 am.

RULE II. The restaurant will close at 8:30 pm except on special occasions, when it may be kept open as ordered by the House Committee. No orders for meals will be received after 8:30 pm. Luncheon will be served from 12:30 to 2 pm.  Saturday, the Bar and Restaurant will be reserved for men only between the hours of 12 and 5 pm.

RULE III. There shall be no gambling games of any nature on the club premises.

RULE IV. Games of cards may be played only in the room set apart for that purpose, and no game that the House Committee shall at any time declare to be objectionable will be permitted in any room of the Club.

RULE V.  Newspapers, magazines, or books belonging to the Club, shall not be marked, cut or otherwise defaced; neither shall they be removed from the regular room, or from the Club House.

RULE VI. No member or guest of the Club shall use the Club stationery for any business purposes, or date or address from the Club any paper for communication intended to be printed or to appear in any newspaper, periodical or publication

RULE VII. Minors will not be admitted to the Bar or Restaurant except when accompanied by a member, and must remain with the member.

RULE VIII. The club will not be responsible for the loss of or damage to, property received of members or left or kept by members in the Club House, whether in lockers, coat room or elsewhere.

RULE IX. No person will be admitted to the Club House except members and their guests.  Guests must be accompanied by members at all times with the exception of those having a Guest Card issued by the Commodore.

RULE X. All charge checks must be signed by the members.

RULE XI.  A guest may be introduced twice only in each month by a member.  Members introducing guests and visitors in the Club will be considered responsible for their conduct while in the House, and for any debts their guests may incur. No unseemly conduct will be permitted in the Club House.

RULE XII. Members will settle their House accounts by the 5th of each month. Those failing to comply by the 30th will be served for cash only.

RULE XIII. Gentlemen are expected to wear coats in the Dining room when ladies are present.  “Work” clothes, bathing suits, or men in shorts, will not be permitted on the second floor of the Club House.

RULE XIV. Dogs will not be allowed on the second floor of the Club House

RULE XV. Nothing shall be posted on the Bulletin Board except by officers of the Club or the House Committee insofar as this does not conflict with the Constitution and the By-Laws.

RULE XVI. No subscriptions without the consent of the House Committee shall be brought into or circulated in the Club

RULE XVII. All requests, suggestions and complaints shall be made in writing, dated, signed, and addressed to the House Committee.

RULE XVIII. Members and their immediate families of their own household excepting males over the age of 21 shall be entitled to all the privileges of the Club House and grounds.



The Boating Facilities

The Boating Facilities, including the Dock, Basin and Floats, the Locker Room Ways and Yard, and the Club Tender and Rowboats, are under the jurisdiction of the Fleet Captain.

During the Boating Season, a boatman will be on duty in the Club.  His duties will be to assist members using the facilities, to provide tender service, keep boats bailed and free of rainwater and cared for generally.

The dock and slip The Floats are used as landing stages and dockage for Club-owned boats, and will not be occupied by other craft any longer than necessary. Yachts are permitted to tie up to the outside of the dock for limited periods. Boats to tie up inside the slip for other than a limited time must receive permission. This space will generally be reserved for dinghies and tenders.

Moorings It is desired that Boat Owners own their own anchors and chain, which must be of sufficient size and of proper design to insure safety for other craft moored nearby. The Fleet Captain will inspect the moorings and will designate the places where they will be situated.

Lockers.  Rented on an annual basis $3 to $10 according to size

Ways  Boats stored all winter at rate of $0.50 per foot for the first fifteen feet, and $1 per foot each foot thereafter. Non-members’ boats will be stored at the discretion of the Fleet Captain at a rate of $1 per foot.  Use of ways during the boating season for periods less than 24 hours is free for boats owned by members.  Fee for hauling chartered boats or boats owned by non-members is $3. If any boat remains on the car for over 24 hours, the charge will be an additional dollar per day or any part thereof.  Boats will not be hauled on car except by arrangement with the Fleet Captain, and will move from car upon request. There is no storage fee for dinghies.

Gasoline. Gulf Marine White Gasoline is available at 20 cents per gallon.  Price will be contingent upon future costs. In the absence of the Boatman, Gasoline Customers will consult the Steward.

Labor  The work of hauling on the ways will be performed by the owners themselves cooperatively, or by any person the owner may choose to hire for the purpose.  In order to insure proper insurance coverage for each employee, Boat Owners are requested to arrange such transactions through the Fleet Captain, in which case the Club will pay for the work and bill the boat owner therefor.  In the case of other items, such as raising moorings at the end of the season, work will be hired out by the Club and the charges pro-rated among the owners involved.

General  The anchorage and other boating facilities are for the use of the Club members.  Non-members will be guests, and will be accompanied at all times by sponsoring member.  Guest privileges and the courtesy of the use of the Boating Facilities are extended to Cruising Members of recognized Yacht Clubs; House Guests of Members; and Boat Owners whose application for membership in the Club have been approved by the Membership Committee.  Persons in the last two categories will be in possession of a Card issued by the Commodore granting such privileges.

Ref: Roster of Members, July 1, 1947